The projects in which I have been working in the last years deal with my intention to organize the reality with the purpose of understanding it. My creative process starts with the creation of mental or physical structures, that apparently have few internal logics, but they can make sense in my mind though, according to my own understanding system. Thus, these structures provoke initially a subjective order, because they have a meaning for me, but not necessarily for other people.

This subjective order constitutes an attempt to organize what it already exists in the context of reality. That is, I do not intend to create new figures and impose them in acertain context, but I rather use what the existing real contexts and situations have to offer. Then, I generate new abstract forms, presented in the shape of sculptures or installations with a significant conceptual importance.

It is about connecting what it is apparently disconnected with the objective of creating new points of view about reality. At the same time, these new views go beyond myself and make the onlookers think about them as well. In this way, what in the beginning started from a personal reflection about a subjective observation, can become then an object of universal interpretation. Thus, actions such as measuring time, weight or space; going over or moving are in fact strategies for trying to organize the reality. 

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